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The BROKESEED Films team is comprised of individuals who are not only some of my most trusted advisors and sources of creative inspiration but they each bring to the table a unique offering of strengths and perspectives.


Together we offer a diverse repertoire of expertise and experience. The ability to be dynamic and innovative to draw from our collective experience and create impactful pieces of art for our clients. The collaborative potential of this team is what I am most inspired by.


My strong standing relationship with these collaborators stretches back over two decades and over this time these individuals have inspired many aspects of what I do as a filmmaker and a creator. Much of what Brokeseed Films is all about is harnessing potential, cultivating the conditions to create impact, and bring life to what’s below the surface through the depth of storytelling and expert-level production. 

- Andrew Misle


Andrew Misle

Founder & CEO BROKESEED Films,

Creative Visionary, Director, Lead Videographer

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Andrew started in the film industry as a young actor, co-starring in a network television series and more recently featured in a Netflix series releasing April 2021. His desire to get behind the camera was sparked when he started to shoot and share footage while traveling the world, teaching yoga and meditation. Over the years his portfolio has gathered a large range of projects including promotional content creation, feature films, visual art, travel filmmaking, and music videos. The inspiration of BROKESEED Films is the culmination of decades of global adventures, cultural explorations, deep self inquiry and desire to share ideas through film. 


Jesse Lipscombe

Writer, Director, Producer,

Co-founder, #MakeItAwkward Campaign

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Jesse Lipscombe is an actor, former athlete, activist and entrepreneur. Presently, Jesse continues to act, while also producing many award-winning film and television productions (It’s Not My Fault, I Don’t Care Anyway, Tiny Plastic Men).  Outside of the arts, Jesse invests in various businesses and runs a consultancy, inspired by the #MakeItAwkward campaign he launched in 2016 to combat racism, misogyny, homophobia and hatred. He works with organizations and leaders to help them understand and address racism.Through it all, Jesse makes it his top priority to give back to his community. Jesse works with various annual charity fundraisers and partnerships in his home-base of Edmonton.




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Robert is an experienced executive team member with over 10 years as an executive with roles both in public and private enterprise. For the past four years, Robert has been the President of Delta Remediation but throughout the past decade Robert has demonstrated a dedication to working in the environmental services industry and to" leave the world in a better state than we found it". 


Skilled in Energy, Environmental Compliance, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, and Business Development. Robert is pillar in ethical disruptive technology

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Shyloh Raypold


Photographer, Mixed Media Artist, Visual Creative

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As an artist, Shyloh lives for the subtle details in her art, right at the intersection of colour and texture. A self-taught mixed media artist whom started painting as a young girl. With a passion to support others and create digital and mixed media art with a playful nature to make anyone feel as though we have known each other for years. Over the past 5 years Shyloh has created a wide body of work through professional photography to compliment over 11 years of acrylic paintings commissioned and created from the heart. The ability to share her eye and work with businesses and entrepreneurs who recognize creative expression is her greatest inspiration.  


Gail Marie La Vina

Project manager, Concept Development, Strategy

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Gail is passionate about people. With over 18 years of experience in the fashion industry she specializes in people development, vision, design, artistic direction & strategy. She is currently expanding her range of skills to incorporate wellness. Studying holistic health practices and modern science. Gail now offers specialty private yoga sessions and mentorship for individuals and small businesses. In 2018 she founded the nonprofit ‘Peaces of Possibility’, a global creative hub that curates wildly creative projects through collaboration to inspire, empower and make an impact.

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Creative Direction, Brand & Concept Development

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Laura has spent the past 10 years building lifestyle brands and creating experiences and events that create impact and grow businesses. She has worked collaboratively with countless creatives throughout her career in international business development and experiential retail which brings an acute attention to detail, discernment and strategy to the team. Laura holds a business degree from the University of Alberta however, she would attest that her knowledge and expertise has been developed over years of saying yes to any experience and bootstrapping the launch of numerous businesses. She also holds down the Misle household as Andrew's other half and is a proud new Mama to their daughter, River.   

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